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Ashtalakshmi | Eight Goddess of Wealth

Ashtalakshmi which means a group of eight manifestations of Devi Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth. These eight forms of Lakshmi are worshipped very essentially and Ashtalakshmi pooja is believed to be one of the highly effective means of pleasing the Goddess and getting its blessings.



Ashtalakshmi, eight-part of Lakshmi - 

  • Adi-Lakshmi / Maha Lakshmi (The Great Goddess)
  • Dhana-Lakshmi / Aishwariya Lakshmi ( Goddess of prosperity and wealth)
  • Dhanya-Lakshmi (The Goddess of food grains)
  • Gaja-Lakshmi (The Elephant Goddess)
  • Santana-Lakshmi (The Goddess of progeny)
  • Veera-Lakshmi / Dhairy Lakshmi (The Goddess of valour and courage)
  • Vidya-Lakshmi (The Goddess of knowledge)
  • Vijaya-Lakshmi / Jaya Lakshmi (The Goddess of victory)
  • The benefits of Ashtalakshmi pooja can be manifold and substantial and can be physical, spiritual and psychological. At the psychological level negative feelings can be dissolved and get a clear and positive atmosphere and inner peace.

    Ashtalakshmi Pooja

    When to perform Ashtalakshmi Pooja - 

    Ashtalakshmi is observed on Friday that comes before the Purnima or full moon of the month of Shravan. How you can perform, While performing this pooja the following mantra is chanted for worshipping the Goddess-

    “Om Shreem Mahalakshmi Namah

    Ashta-Aishwaryam Samridhim Mey

    Dehi Tapaya Swaha Shreem mahalakshmi Namah”

     Things to remember while performing Ashtalakshmi Pooja. 

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