Product Spotlight

  • Farm fresh flowers delivered right to your doorstep!

    At Rose Bazaar we believe that flowers are a way of life!  We bring you farm fresh flowers delivered right to your doorstep - tailored to suit your schedule. We deliver puja flowers and home decor boxes. Some of the puja flowers we offer are jasmine, marigold, lotus, shevanti, roses etc. We also have 3 types of home decor box: simple, premium and indulgence. Checkout out for more!
  • The Bougainvillea Home Decor Box!

    Introducing our new home decor flower box: Bougainvillea! This wild bloom will bring a sparkle and crackle to your room and give it a distinct Indian charm as you bring the best of the outdoors in! Let the bright Bougainvillea kickstart the zest in your day! Subcribe now on to our bougainvillea home decor box for a hassle free home delivery!