Pankaja, Entrepreneur


Amongst a bustle of flowers, Pankaja shines just as bright. Her flowers are Lakshmi to her -- they cannot let her down. 

Her journey with flowers began a long time ago: when Pankaja was eight years old, she would watch with wide-eyes as her uncle sold flowers from his small shop near Mekhri Circle. Later, when she got married -- only to find that by the time she turned 19, she was widowed. 

But this was just the beginning of her journey. With her three young children, Pankaja started her own shop on a footpath 25 years ago. Over the years, there were many challenges. Profits would dip, competition from fake flowers and other shops came up, but she persisted. Pankaja doesn’t feel afraid: ‘every thing takes time to pay off’ is her philosophy.

Pankaja is one of our partners and if you’re ordering flowers in the Race Course Road area, expect to receive them from her.