About Us

Contact us at hello@rosebazaar.in or call us at +91 91481 4751

Flowers are a source of beauty and joy, so why not make them a way of life? At Rose Bazaar, we want to bring you the smile only flowers can inspire everyday. With our unique subscription model, order flowers once and have them delivered periodically to your home. Whether it is a tall bouquet of exotic blooms for the living room or loose jasmine for your daily prayers, we have you covered: just one click away! 

We want to make flowers affordable and chic and we do this by providing flowers directly from our partner farms, ensuring that quality is maintained while middle men costs are cut down.

And the best part of our service? Our delivery model. We work with your neighborhood “flower lady” and make sure all deliveries are localized. These women are the backbone of our model as we work to transform the unorganized flower sector into an organized, high quality sector that disrupts the current bottlenecks, without leaving anybody behind.

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