Events and Decor

  • Rosse Event

    On the 21st of August at Nevermind, Rosse held an event where women learn the art of flower arrangements for different sizes and shapes of tables. Read more to learn about the basic rules while choosing a flower centerpiece.  Log onto for doorstep delivery of puja and home decor flowers!
  • An Epicure’s Tale at 1Q1

    On the 13th of August 1Q1 held an event called “An Epicure’s Tale.” The meaning of Epicure translates to a person who enjoys fine food and drinks. The flower arrangements for this wine and dine event was done by Rose Bazaar. 

    Log onto for doorstep delivery of home decor bouquets and puja flowers or you can also call us on 9148147512 for any events and decor enquiry.

  • Bouquet Making Workshop

    On the 29th of August we held a bouquet making workshop in wework Prestige Central where each person made a hand bouquet with flowers such as roses, chrysanthemums, carnations etc. 

    Log onto for doorstep delivery of home decor bouquets and puja flowers. Subscribe once and have farm fresh flowers delivered to your doorstep on a schedule you pick, whether it’s a simple jasmine garland or a bouquet of exotic blooms to brighten up your living room. Call us on 9148147512 for any events inquiry.

  • Flo skilling workshops

    To say that Rose Bazaar is an organisation fueled by women is a bit of an understatement. Although we love and appreciate all our wonderful male employees, the industry of puja flowers is one that is historically dominated by ladies and our founding team of two sisters and our powerhouse manager Geetha has skewed the gender ratio from day one. As we try to skill, reskill and upskill more women, we rely on partners to help us reach our ambitious goals. FICCI Flo is the ideal platform for this - it is powered by women who are bold, passionate and fiercely hard working. That’s why when they started these skilling workshops, we knew we had to jump onboard.
  • 'Making the Impossible Possible' - A talk by Rahul Bose

    Excited to have been a part of the event that welcomed the charming, witty and handsome Rahul Bose to speak about making the impossible possible. A big thank you to the entire FICCI Flo team for supporting us! 
  • Sapori Nuovi Dinner

    On the 30th of August, Chef Natasha Celmi prepared a super special dinner, “Sapori Nuovi” at The Courtyard in Bangalore. “Sapori Nuovi” translates to new flavours. To accentuate their wooden interiors and warm amber tones, we decided to style their table with GoldenRod bunches.

    Read more to understand about how using fresh flowers makes a huge difference in any room, event, festival or party. 

  • Decorate your Ganesha Workshop

    On the 30th of August we held a "Decorate your Ganesha" workshop and a pop up in Prestige Atlanta to bring in the festival with a fun workshop where they could let their imaginations run wild with the ideas and concepts of how they want to decorate. 
  • De-stress workshop

    Each flower has a special quality: the scent, the way it blooms, the way it lightens a room, it's resilience, it's hues and more - whether its the calming eucalyptus, the soothing tuberose, the spunky bird of paradise or the delicate hydrangea that blooms abundantly, but for a short time. They pick what they want to emulate and make an aspirational bouquet to help de-stress and to remind yourself to relax. 
  • Flower Tin Workshop

    We believe flowers make people happier, healthier and more relaxed - so we want to make flowers a way of life for everyone.

    At the workshop we conducted in Wework Embassy Tech Village we had people make flower tins. The tins are more portable, easier to make and take less time.