• Scent of a Mother

    Every mother has a smell that is unique to them. This Mother’s Day, adorn her with the scent of flowers. 
  • Flower Care

    Once you get beautiful flowers, it’s hard to let them go. Nobody likes to see their beautiful blooms droop and lose life, and we at Rose Bazaar wa...
  • Earth Day!

    We believe flowers make you fall in love. They cause you to pause, to look, to for a second, notice the beauty of the world we get to live in. And it’s important to fall in love with the world everyday: we need to love the world to be in it, and we need to love it all the way to the end of this world, so that we can create a new, better one. 


    It starts with a simple belief: that this world is ours, and that it is worth that moment of quiet when you stop and smell the roses. With that moment, we can fall back in love with our planet. With that moment, we can change the world.  

  • Shobha Joseph, Traveller

    "This has also made her realise her true, deeper independence. We need each other for cement steps and reclining seats, but when the day winds down and you are left by yourself in the silence, any answer you need, or any strength you require is inside you. “This may sound cliched,” she warns, “But if you ask yourself, the answers are already there."
  • K, Daughter

    K is a force of nature -- anybody who meets her can confirm this. Nothing about her life, despite her nonchalance about her own achievements, is ordinary. The force with which she cares, the dedication with which she works and the life of integrity she has crafted for herself all point towards a woman who truly has chosen her own way. She has chosen to take whatever it is that life throws at her and respond each time with kindness, hard work and dedication. She says, “Everyday there are challenges -- traffic or any disaster. You have to see yourself through each day.”

  • Pankaja, Entrepreneur

    Amongst a bustle of flowers, Pankaja shines just as bright. Her flowers are Lakshmi to her -- they cannot let her down. 

  • Roshini Kumar, Photographer

    Roshini Kumar is hard to miss in a crowd, but not for reasons that are immediately apparent. It is not her hair, though that definitely catches the eye. The style and confidence are also striking, though even that pales when she begins to talk. What makes Roshini stay with you is the undercurrent of steel that is hard to miss in her gaze, and impossible to forget after. 

  • Incense Sticks x Rose Bazaar

    Learn more about the agarbathi making process and the women it empowers.